Friday, July 20, 2007

Clown Loach

Scientific Name: Botia Macracanthus
Max size: 12“-14”
Diet: Omnivore
Care level:2
Min Number:4
Min Tank size: 90G

General info 

This is a very active species, especially when kept in ideal numbers in
excess of 3-4. The tank should be well planted and must have hiding spots
as well as open space for swimming. Clown Loach can grow quite large, so a
big tank is best. They are slow growers so can be kept in smaller tanks for
short periods of time. When kept in smaller numbers, clowns may fight
amongst each other but rarely ends with injuries. Feeding these fish is
relatively easy. They will readily take sinking pellets and will relish
frozen bloodworm.


Breeding this fish is difficult but can be accomplished.

Last warnings

Do not keep this fish with any type of snail. They will be eaten!!

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